July Favorites!

It's a small group this month, I haven't really been wearing much makeup due to how hot it is! Plus my skin has been acting up lately, (insert sad face) so I'm trying to let it breathe.
Going clockwise
1-Michael Kors perfume: This perfume smells wonderful! It's a floral mix with a bit of musk. It's classy and great for everyday.

2-Versace Versus rollerball: Another floral scent which has been a favorite. I got it as a sample from a Sephora order back in May. I loved it so much that I purchased the rollerball to bring with me everywhere I go. It also has some fruity notes as well. 

3-Fairydrop Scandal Queen Mascara (original formula): I purchased this before the waterproof version came out. I usually tend to stay away from regular formula mascaras since they never hold my curl but while this one doesn't keep my curl entirely, it doesn't make my lashes wilt. Another plus is that it's sooo easy to wash off! Just warm water and the mascara comes off. It doesn't smudge throughout the day either.

4-Inglot Sleeks Lipgloss in 89: I love this neutral pinky gloss. Smells like vanilla and isn't sticky at all. I also adore the packaging. Pigmented enough to go alone or you can layer it over your lipstick as well.

5-Physician's Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner in Ultra Black: Does it really boost my lashes? I haven't noticed but this eyeliner is perfect to create a cat eye and it doesn't budge until you wash it off. Well, it can be wiped away if you cry or have an allergy attack. So it's not fully waterproof but this is the best drugstore eyeliner I've encountered.

6-MAC Prolong Wear Foundation in NC30: Perfect for those sticky days. This foundation is great for those with oily skin. I find I'm not such a greaseball when I use this.

7-MAC Mineralized Blush in Pressed Amber: Great for contour or blush, especially for a lazy girl like me!

I also took the liberty to lighten my ends even further for the ombre effect. I took the pic on my phone but it's considerably lighter. The only thing I hate is how dry the ends feel. Oh well, nothing a conditioning masque or two can't fix right?

I hope all of you are well! Have a great Sunday!


  1. I have to try that mascara! Thanks for the rec on my blog :D I can tell why you like it so much because it's so easy to come off. Yay! I've never tried any of MAC's liquid foundation, only their studio sculpt. Have you tried their face and body one? I just ordered it yesterday and I hope it's good! I've heard that it's lightweight too. Your brightened ends look really soft and pretty :D I also love the wispy layering too.

  2. You always look so well put together, I never know for sure if the products you're using work well or if it's just you looking good from underneath them.

  3. The MAC foundation sounds great, as foundation sliding off my face due to sweat/hot weather is my primary concern with foundation :)

  4. i'm so interested with fairydrop mascara.. wish i can find it here. I like your july favorites btw. great picks!!
    will definitely follow you.
    hope we can follow each other and if you have fancy to join my giveaway~it'll be greatly appreciated!
    i will not disaapoint you with awesome prizes..
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