Deal Alert!

For those of you interested in trying out Salma Hayek's new cosmetic line, NUANCE, CVS is currently having a sale of buy one get one free!

Have any of you tried this new line? What do you think? I personally think the packaging of the lipstick looks eerily similar to NYX's Black Label lipsticks.

Haven't tested these out yet, if you want a review, let me know! ^^

**Please note that all CVS branches may not have the same sales.


  1. I havent tried this line, but if there is a sale on then i ought to invest!

  2. Yes, it is. teehee. I should make a blog post about it for a miracle to get rid of mosquito bites! lol. I am very Asian...

    Hmm, I've never tried their line before but interested when I saw it starting to get on display about last week or so. Except the CVS one of my friend works at and closes to me didn't have anything in stock except the display.

  3. yeah it does looks like the nyx packaging

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