Revlon Super Lustrous Summer Lip Glosses With Swatches and Such ^__~

I'm sure all of you have seen the small Revlon display with Jessica Biel in your local drugstores featuring these glosses I am about to show you. I am also sure all you makeup fanatics have seen the review done by the gorgeous Holly Ann-Aeree as well.  And yes I know that there are plenty of people who have done reviews on them, but as a makeup blogger I just feel that I have to express and share products that I love or hate, like or dislike. 

Well...I have to say that I am in the same boat when it comes to lemming these glosses!! 
I got four out of the five, thanks to my lovely Mum, who picked two of these up for me. They run about 7-8 USD depending on what store you find them in. I think at my local CVS they were $7.99.

So what is it that I love about these glosses? *Begins to count the ways on her fingers* Haha just kidding. But seriously, these are pigmented enough to be the only thing on your lips, which I know is a big thing for us girls who are: 1)in a rush but want a nice hue on our lips 2)lazy (just sayin') 3)prefer a glossy look instead of a matte look that the lipstick gives. They are creamy and don't dry out your lips and aren't super sticky like lipglosses but not super slick either. I think they are a perfect medium.  Now this is only for these limited edition glosses. I know that there are different finishes for the regular line from Revlon and I don't know if that changes the texture of the glosses.

 The staying power I would say is a couple of hours, but I tend to lick my lips a lot. Plus I feel that the staying power of lipgloss/lipstick really depends on the person, there is definitely no set time frame. Anyway, on to the colors!

This is probably my second favorite color. I just love bright pinks!

I love the way Lilac Pastelle looks in the tube but I find it looked really streaky when I tried to take a picture of it. It's a bit sheerer than the other colors though, so that probably explains the streakiness. Nonetheless I still think it's a beautiful color and like Holly said, it is the gloss version of Lavender Whip!

This is a gorgeous red. It's pigmented enough to wear alone, but sheer enough that it doesn't seem too loud. This is great for a date. It's also great to pair with a simple winged eyeliner look and also on top of Viva Glam Cyndi.

My faveeeeee-orite one. I absolutely love how this looks on me. I think this is a great color for summer, the coral just reminds me of gorgeous sunny days. I can't wait till I get tan, I think this will look great!

So ladies, if u can, snatch these up while they last! I've heard that these colors are running out fast. The next post will be about the N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Stick blushes.


Goody Spin Pins

Lately there has been a Goody commercial featuring a new and innovative product called the "Spin Pin." This one pin is suppose to equal 20 regular bobby pins. When I first saw this commercial, I was skeptical about it. The claim of just screwing the two pins into your hair bun (without a hair tie) and being ready to go seemed to easy, too simple, and frankly too impossible for my straight heavy hair. I'm sure many of you have issues when it comes to pinning up hair. The tutorial or magazine tells you to "add as many bobby pins until secure" which necessitates about thirty pins in your hair. But I succumbed and bought it because my drugstore was having a sale and instead of it being $5.99, I got my two spin pins for $2.99.
The packaging is all fancy. I guess it needs to be spruced up in order to only sell two pins. The pins come in two colors. Brunette and blonde. I would figure that they would have a black color but I have yet to see it in any stores that carry it. I bought the brunette ones and basically ripped the packaging open the moment I got home to try it. Ok, before you girls go ripping the box open like I did, there are three different hair styles displayed in the packaging itself. I ended up ripping mine before realizing that >_<.

Another thing you probably noticed is the price. Are they worth six dollars? Maybe not to many people but I feel if I can clutter my apartment with less and (more flimsy) bobby pins the better. Also it's an investment piece. The quality of the pins are definitely higher quality than your average pin so the lifespan of this pin will eventually pay for it. 

Again, the first that I noticed about these pins is that they are very strong and durable. They aren't like your average bobby pins that can bend and pry open. Then again, these aren't mean to be pried open, you basically screw the pins into your hair. One pin going up the bun and the other going down. The screwing in of the pin causes the hair to intertwine with the pin, causing a tighter hold. I will say I was very surprised that the bun held. Now it wasn't SUPER tight, but it definitely held my hair. So unless I did major jumping around the bun was pretty much put.

I've also used these pins at night and slept with my hair in a bun. I loved the results I achieved. Soft tousled careless waves framed my face and I was quite ^___^.

In closing, I think these are genius products from Goody. Less pins, quick and easy to do, but with the option of being chic as well. If you can or want, give them a try.


Lioele Reviews!

This review has been a long time coming, like it was suppose to have been posted before I went to Vegas...so I'm really sorry about taking forever to post this! Now on to the review!

I had jumped on the Lioele bandwagon about two months ago when I watched the gorgeous guru, Jen's (frmheadtotoe) YouTube video about the line. YouTube brainwashes us, don't let anyone tell you otherwise lol. I got my products from Pretty & Cute (which is a pretty cute site and also the site that gave Jen the products to review). The delivery was pretty fast and Janie, the owner, also included free samples, (free is always great! ^__^)
(Don't mind the FF13 case in the background ^__^)
From Left to Right: Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream, 3D Enamel Lipgloss in #2 Smokey Beige, Essential Donut Glo-Stick in Milky Pink

I'll start from left to right. The Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream is pretty fantastic. It has medium coverage and really evens out your skin tone. It can even be used as a concealer after the first layer is applied all over your face. The packaging is also super cute and sanitary being that it contains a pump. The only thing that makes me really sad is the one color choice. Like most BB creams, this has only one shade. The color does blend a bit with my skin but I do find it a bit too light. I'm a NC25-30 during the winter and probably a NC35-40 in the summer when I'm tan. Being that I'll get tanner in the summer, this BB cream will definitely not work for me. (I don't forsee the pancake face look becoming chic anytime in the future.) For those of you gals who are on the paler side (NC20-25 maybe NC15) this will be fine for you. Another thing that you will notice is that UNlike other BB creams, this does not contain SPF. Lioele does have a BB cream that contains an SPF, but this isn't it.
From top: Flash and no flash

The BB cream being blended. Again from the top it's flash and no flash

Here's the cream blended in. As you can see it's a tad lighter than my skin. It's much more noticeable in the picture with the flash. I will say that the picture was taken right after I blended the cream in and that it does settle a bit and blends into your skin after a few minutes, but I still feel it's a bit too pale for me right now. In the winter though, I think this will be perfect for me.

The next thing I picked up was a lipgloss. This wasn't reviewed by Jen but it caught my eye when I was browsing the site. I love the scent of the lipgloss in all honesty, more than I like the color. It smells like this fruity Asian candy I used to eat as a kid so it brings some nostalgia. The gloss is fine to wear by itself, but I think that it adds a nice accent to a lipstick that's a tad to bright or dark. Here are the swatches:
The color is a milky nude. I thought it would be like the MAC Cremesheen in Boybait but it's a bit lighter and more opaque.
The brush isn't a doe foot applicator but I feel that it picks up more product on both sides of the brush.

The pigmentation of my lips still shows through, but I don't think it looks all that bad by itself.

The last product I picked up was a lipstick. I love this product. It doesn't feel like a lipstick at all, more like a lip balm that smoothes my lips. The Lioele Essential Donut Glo-Stick (boy what a mouthful haha) has cute pink packaging and is great for some color on your lips. This lipstick is suppose to control the dead skin cells that form and also makes your lips soft. I really believe that it does make my lips softer. There is a slight floral scent but it's not that noticeable unless you really put your nose close to the lipstick. The color I picked up is called Milky Pink. Now I don't think it's all that milky but it is a nice shade of pink. It's more of a light rose color.
Flash and no flash

Flash and no flash of the product itself

And lip swatches with flash and no flash

I hope that you guys liked my review. If you have any other questions let me know or just drop a comment! Talk to you all soon!


My Dinner Date with Morimoto

Last night I went to Morimoto NYC. Restaurant home to the amazing Iron Chef, Masaharu Morimoto. I just wanted to do a quick blog entry about this place because the food was delicious! I went there with my Mum to celebrate Mother's Day because last week she was unable to. What mattered the most, besides the awesome food was that my Mom thoroughly enjoy herself.  The pictures were taken from my phone because I didn't have my point and shoot with me so excuse the poor quality in some of the shots.
The entrance to Morimoto. The ambiance inside was calm and cool. In the far back you could see the chefs work in action preparing your food.  Sheets of crystals cut into blossoms illuminated the place. The chairs were super comfortable too. The wait staff was amazing. Our server was probably the best server I have ever had. She knew when to come by and ask how we were doing. She knew everything about anything on the menu. (I'm sure she gets paid tons to know this but still) And her recommendations were delicious.

My mom and I decided on two appetizers, the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio (a cold appetizer) and the Kakuni Pork (hot). I loved both, the beef was salty with a kick from the baby cilantro. It was seared with hot sesame oil.
Our Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

The Kakuni pork belly with rice congee. Sweet and buttery. This wasn't presented this way. I took the picture of my serving because we dug in right away and I forgot I was documenting the food haha.

For our main course I got the Surf and Turf which had a Kobe Beef Filet, fingerling and blue potatoes, and Hamachi Ribbons in an avocado salad that is tossed at the table by the wait staff.
It was delicious!!! The Hamachi melted in my mouth and the avocado was so fresh. And the potatoes, man I wish I could cook my potatoes like this at home. the skin was crisp but the inside of the potato was tender and soft. The beef of course was delicious. Oh the greens at the end are bok choy sauteed in with a touch of miso. I think I ate about 75 percent of the plate haha.

My Mom's plate. It was called Duck Duck Duck. Half of a duck I believe. A croissant made with foie gras and a duck egg. The sauces were au jus and a red miso. She gave me some pieces of her duck and it was delicious. She was in love with the croissant and egg haha.
Of course we couldn't leave without dessert. Our server told us about these cream filled donuts with an array of dipping sauces/powders. Me and my mom said yes yes yes lol. We had green tea powder, honey lavender, ginger powder, black sesame (i think), and soybean powder. The donut was fluffy and not too sweet so you could taste the different toppings. With the coffee it was a perfect way to end dinner.

Bathroom shot! Serious! The bathroom was awesome too. The seats were pre-warmed. There was a remote on the wall (literally) that could flush the toliet, clean your bum, the whole nine. I've seen these before but this was fancy smancy.

Cherry blossoms behind you while you do your thing in the bathroom will make anyone feel comfortable....LOL

All in all, if you come to New York and have some extra money, come here to eat! Me and my mom are already talking about going back to do the tasting per person because we saw the sushi and sashimi and went O___O. 

Make posts starting next week! Or even this weekend if I'm ambitious. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I miss you bloggers


Viva Las Vegas! Part 2 (Pic Heavy)

So when I said "tomorrow" I totally meant five days later -___- (such a slacker!)  Ok I'll try to break it down into days because it'll be much easier for me to remember.

Day 2:
After arriving and just relaxing in our room and stuffing our faces with Johnny Rocket's we knocked out excited for what this crazy city had in store for us. When we woke up we decided to go and look around the "mall" like complex that was in the Venetian. A shoppers paradise! So many different stores and temptations just waiting to drain your money -___-.  What I loved was that the Venetian also has a built in river with beautifully decorated gondolas and also a painted lit sky to make you feel as if you are strolling in Venice on a perfect spring day. We didn't ride the gondola but we saw couples and families line up to ride on the boat steered by men and women donning striped shirts and cute straw hats. If any of you have seen or played Assassin's Creed II and watched Ezio jump from building to building, that is the perfect description of what we saw there.
We even had performances! A group of people sang in Italian and danced serenading the crowd. John and I watched as we ate our yummy gelato!!

That day we also picked up our tickets for two of the shows we were going to see. Phantom of the Opera: The Las Vegas Spectacular and Jersey Boys. (Yes I've seen both on Broadway, but I just had to see them with the fancy super production!)

Here is the beautiful Palazzo. This is the other hotel that was connected to ours.

After walking around we went back to our room to get ready for the Phantom show. Well...more like I went to go get ready because I take foreverz!
Here is what I came up with the first night (and I'm wearing a custom necklace by Steph)

Finally I'm ready, I think John was just lying in bed waiting for me to be finished haha. So we go downstairs to the theatre and all the staff is yelling at the crowd not to take any photography of anything kind. Of course I snuck one with my phone

The show was great, the production amazing, the chandelier gorgeous, the....ok ok, I'll stop. It was a shorter version of the original with some scenes tweaked because Vegas has a 90 minute rule for shows so it was like the Broadway Phantom fast forward 2x? That's what it felt like to me. The seats were hell of a lot roomier than Bway that's for sure!

We came out of the play starving and found a small Italian restaurant that had a prefixe dinner. We were treated with great hospitality by this server who called me Senora. Then I realized that our water was eight dollars along with my twelve dollar drink, so I chugged it at the end. Hahaha.

End of Night Two

Day 3:
So here comes the picspam again because all we really did that day was walk the strip which was super crowded!! Enjoy! (I didn't resize the pics so just click on them if you want to see the super duper quality)

We went into a mall for refuge from the sun for a bit. Don't mind my shininess lol

A random picture of a man wearing hot pink shorts and matching shoes!
The lionesses at MGM
Smooshedz..I haz it

Part two is done! Phew, that's a lot of pictures. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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