A Piece of Me (May 2010)

It's that time again! Remember girls, you can join in at any time! This game is hosted by the lovely Shirley from *Notes from the Toothfairy*

This Month:
I like: that it's getting warmer!!

I don't like: bug bites! I hate them! It's cause I'm allergic to them and they look gross and swollen...puuu >__<

I want you to know that: Iced Green match tea is very refreshing in 80 something degree weather!

I've planned: to see Glee at the end of this month!! I am sooooo excited! Is anyone else going??

I want to stay to someone special: We have a two month deadline! *ahem* ~__^

Tomorrow I will post my Vegas trip and maybe another entry, if I'm motivated enough! =)


  1. Oh no, this caught me completely off guard. I'm not ready for "a piece of me" again!!!

    I'm with you on the bug bites. Mosquito bites especially seem to be getting stronger--they swell more and itch longer. Grrr!

    The "ahem" is a real attention getter...I'm sure it will properly motivate the intended recipient. =)

  2. I love matcha green tea too! It's my fave drink of all :D

  3. Oh my god, I demand DETAILS about Glee <3333 I would die to go


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