Goody Spin Pins

Lately there has been a Goody commercial featuring a new and innovative product called the "Spin Pin." This one pin is suppose to equal 20 regular bobby pins. When I first saw this commercial, I was skeptical about it. The claim of just screwing the two pins into your hair bun (without a hair tie) and being ready to go seemed to easy, too simple, and frankly too impossible for my straight heavy hair. I'm sure many of you have issues when it comes to pinning up hair. The tutorial or magazine tells you to "add as many bobby pins until secure" which necessitates about thirty pins in your hair. But I succumbed and bought it because my drugstore was having a sale and instead of it being $5.99, I got my two spin pins for $2.99.
The packaging is all fancy. I guess it needs to be spruced up in order to only sell two pins. The pins come in two colors. Brunette and blonde. I would figure that they would have a black color but I have yet to see it in any stores that carry it. I bought the brunette ones and basically ripped the packaging open the moment I got home to try it. Ok, before you girls go ripping the box open like I did, there are three different hair styles displayed in the packaging itself. I ended up ripping mine before realizing that >_<.

Another thing you probably noticed is the price. Are they worth six dollars? Maybe not to many people but I feel if I can clutter my apartment with less and (more flimsy) bobby pins the better. Also it's an investment piece. The quality of the pins are definitely higher quality than your average pin so the lifespan of this pin will eventually pay for it. 

Again, the first that I noticed about these pins is that they are very strong and durable. They aren't like your average bobby pins that can bend and pry open. Then again, these aren't mean to be pried open, you basically screw the pins into your hair. One pin going up the bun and the other going down. The screwing in of the pin causes the hair to intertwine with the pin, causing a tighter hold. I will say I was very surprised that the bun held. Now it wasn't SUPER tight, but it definitely held my hair. So unless I did major jumping around the bun was pretty much put.

I've also used these pins at night and slept with my hair in a bun. I loved the results I achieved. Soft tousled careless waves framed my face and I was quite ^___^.

In closing, I think these are genius products from Goody. Less pins, quick and easy to do, but with the option of being chic as well. If you can or want, give them a try.


  1. It's good to hear that something I've seen advertised on late-night tv actually works. Cool!

    I remember my mom and sisters using bobby pins--I used to borrow them when I pretended I was a spy and needed to pick a lock. LOL I didn't know girls still used them.

  2. sounds great, can you show us how to do it :D

  3. I've never seen these before :O I think I've only had 2 sets of bobby pins before (since I've had short hair for ages) and I lost them in like a month :(

  4. Hmmmm... They look really interesting :) I should check it out! Yeah my hair doesn't stay in place unless I put 30 Bobby pins and usually slides down :(

  5. I saw those at CVS! I was tempted to buy them. :D You had a good experience for them? I'll have to check it out!


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