My Dinner Date with Morimoto

Last night I went to Morimoto NYC. Restaurant home to the amazing Iron Chef, Masaharu Morimoto. I just wanted to do a quick blog entry about this place because the food was delicious! I went there with my Mum to celebrate Mother's Day because last week she was unable to. What mattered the most, besides the awesome food was that my Mom thoroughly enjoy herself.  The pictures were taken from my phone because I didn't have my point and shoot with me so excuse the poor quality in some of the shots.
The entrance to Morimoto. The ambiance inside was calm and cool. In the far back you could see the chefs work in action preparing your food.  Sheets of crystals cut into blossoms illuminated the place. The chairs were super comfortable too. The wait staff was amazing. Our server was probably the best server I have ever had. She knew when to come by and ask how we were doing. She knew everything about anything on the menu. (I'm sure she gets paid tons to know this but still) And her recommendations were delicious.

My mom and I decided on two appetizers, the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio (a cold appetizer) and the Kakuni Pork (hot). I loved both, the beef was salty with a kick from the baby cilantro. It was seared with hot sesame oil.
Our Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

The Kakuni pork belly with rice congee. Sweet and buttery. This wasn't presented this way. I took the picture of my serving because we dug in right away and I forgot I was documenting the food haha.

For our main course I got the Surf and Turf which had a Kobe Beef Filet, fingerling and blue potatoes, and Hamachi Ribbons in an avocado salad that is tossed at the table by the wait staff.
It was delicious!!! The Hamachi melted in my mouth and the avocado was so fresh. And the potatoes, man I wish I could cook my potatoes like this at home. the skin was crisp but the inside of the potato was tender and soft. The beef of course was delicious. Oh the greens at the end are bok choy sauteed in with a touch of miso. I think I ate about 75 percent of the plate haha.

My Mom's plate. It was called Duck Duck Duck. Half of a duck I believe. A croissant made with foie gras and a duck egg. The sauces were au jus and a red miso. She gave me some pieces of her duck and it was delicious. She was in love with the croissant and egg haha.
Of course we couldn't leave without dessert. Our server told us about these cream filled donuts with an array of dipping sauces/powders. Me and my mom said yes yes yes lol. We had green tea powder, honey lavender, ginger powder, black sesame (i think), and soybean powder. The donut was fluffy and not too sweet so you could taste the different toppings. With the coffee it was a perfect way to end dinner.

Bathroom shot! Serious! The bathroom was awesome too. The seats were pre-warmed. There was a remote on the wall (literally) that could flush the toliet, clean your bum, the whole nine. I've seen these before but this was fancy smancy.

Cherry blossoms behind you while you do your thing in the bathroom will make anyone feel comfortable....LOL

All in all, if you come to New York and have some extra money, come here to eat! Me and my mom are already talking about going back to do the tasting per person because we saw the sushi and sashimi and went O___O. 

Make posts starting next week! Or even this weekend if I'm ambitious. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I miss you bloggers


  1. Glad you had a fun time w/your mom! I always watch Iron Chef so you reviewing Morimoto was exciting for me! I hope the next time i got to NYC, i can visit the place :D The food sounded delicious and fresh!! Baby cilantro is something I have never heard of :p Only regular cilantro! The egg looks so good!!!

  2. It was sweet of you to take your mom to such a nice place--it sounds amazing! It's now on my list of places to visit. I watched the original Iron Chef all the time, but haven't gotten into the America version.

  3. oh i like how the food was presented!! totally sweet of you to take your mom out <3

  4. It looks like you had a good time with your mom! :D

  5. SO JEALOUS. I love Masaharu Morimoto! I need to gooo!

  6. mmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm
    omggggggggggg. food.

    so.... if you don't mind me asking :X How much was your dinner?

  7. So jealous! Looks sooo yummy!


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