Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself....(50 Random Facts Tag)

  1. I'm quite goofy when I'm comfortable around a person, otherwise I'm pretty reserved.
  2. I will give you the shirt off my back (or whatever you need) if I care about you.
  3. I say sorry way too much.
  4. Most Disney movies make me cry (I'm looking at you UP.) 
  5. Speaking of crying, the center of my nose turns red if I'm about to cry. My mom always knew (still knows when I'm upset)
  6. I've been with the Mister over nine years.
  7. I've known him for over 11 years.
  8. I want my child to be as cute and chubby as baby Po from Kung Fu Panda (don't judge me!)
  9. I bawled watching the flashback montage in Kung Fu Panda 2.
  10. One of my favorite kung fu movies is Iron Monkey.
  11. I like anime.
  12. I love Harry Potter anything.
  13. I have three tattoos.
  14. I want more.
  15. I've reached my goal of doing unassisted pull-ups in three months.
  16. I've lived in five cities.
  17. I smell my food before I eat it.
  18. My favorite boyband was *NSync. 
  19. I love K-Pop.
  20. Animal lover.
  21. Ignorant people just infuriate me.
  22. I hate my shopping habit.
  23. I've played World of Warcraft on and off for about eight years.
  24. I love Ghibli anything really, but have an affinity for Miyazaki films.
  25. I like both Star Trek and Star Wars.
  26. I got kicked in the face (by accident) during a dance class in college and got a hairline fracture on my nose.
  27. I always wanted to be a ninja, I think it was all the kung fu movies I watched.
  28. My right knee has a scar from a car accident. 
  29. I think scars add character.
  30. Makeup is my vice.
  31. Do not bother me if I'm absorbed in a book.
  32. You can win me over with a really well made cupcake (kinda...)
  33. I like to felt, crochet and knit (well attempt to knit).
  34. I can quote the Lord of The Rings films, all of them. 
  35. I always wanted to be a dancer, or a singer...or both!
  36. I graduated with a minor in theater.
  37. I'm a wedding coordinator on certain cruise ships.
  38. I'm terrified of death, I get anxiety about it.
  39. I hate heights.
  40. I love to bake.
  41. Some people who I wish I could have met: Bruce Lee, Julia Child, Marilyn Monroe
  42. My favorites musicals: Les Miserables, RENT, Phantom of the Opera and Jersey Boys.
  43. I love food.
  44. I'm a firm believer of hard work to achieve the results you want, especially when it comes to fitness.
  45. I love Doo Wop.
  46. I'm American Chinese
  47. I feel like I'm truly myself when I'm alone or with the Mister.
  48. I love to dress up once in a while.
  49. I love me a good RPG.
  50. I think I'm fabulous =)


  1. You are totally fabulous! Kudos for having a minor in theatre! I did threatre for many many years (for fun!) :) It helped me develop more confidence.

  2. Awesome! I loved this so much that I might just have to think up my own 50 Random Facts and post them. :)

  3. Yes you are! This is a great 50--scars DO add character and Disney gave me my favorite song lyric ever. Thanks for mentioned LOTR, I need to edit my current post to include that. :)
    If you need jewelry or tees, I'm having a giveaway to thank my blog friends for being awesome!

  4. soul sistaaaaa! you are DEFINITELY fabulous!

  5. HI LOVE. Hope you're doing well. How did you work up to unassisted pull ups?

  6. Hey gorgeous lady!! I miss talking to you!

    Honestly, I just decided one day to try them and failed miserably at it. Then every few days or so I would attempt it and slowly I got my body to stop swaying and I began to lift myself up using my upper body. This is gonna sound weird, but one day I knew I could do it and did it after my workout, The most I've done currently is 4.5

  7. So are youuuuuu!! <3 you =)

  8. LOTR is probably one of my all time favorites!

    I'm glad we agree on the scars and Disney! You'll have to let me know what the lyric is!

    And I saw your giveaway! I believe i actually won your very first one with Kym, gosh I feel that was years ago...

  9. Awesome!! I hope you do, I always find these so much fun =)

  10. Yes! Theatre was definitely a fast way to get over any type of shyness. Those classes were probably the most fun for me in college

    And thank you. You are quite fabulous yourself, beautiful!


  12. Heck yeah! Any time the movie is on, I stop to watch and I swear it's like I'm watching it for the first time lol


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