My Newest Editions!

Hai guys! Just wanted to drop by and show you my newest editions to my purse collection. These bags have been all the rage in the blogger sphere and to be quite honest, I was surprised to snag these!

If you do wish to purchase these bags, they are listed as a special price on Zara, get them now! Part of Zara's Basic line, these simple messenger bags will go with a plethora of my outfits any time of the year.

Just a quick note, the website coloring is a bit off for the lightest one of the group. It looks cream on the website, but it's definitely a dusty gray. The red (I picked this up for my mom) is a little brighter than shown and the black is just black, haha.


  1. I actually hadn't seen or heard about these bags yet, but I love the packaging! Zara did a nice job of packaging these bags with care. 

  2. I like both colors a lot! :) I think they look so great. I went on the website right away... still looking! =D

  3. nice! good for everyday use, thanx for the comment <3

  4. Hi Steph!  Nice looking bags.  =)


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