Shoe Love: JW Anderson Weatherbee

Another mobile post, we are in need of a router, which we will be getting this week, so once that's acquired, everything will be back to normal.

So Aldo collaborated with JW Anderson for their Rise collection and I fell in love. The strap is great for girls who have problems with shoes slipping off their feet and the construction of the shoe is all around fierce.

If you want to purchase these shoes or any from the Rise collection, do so on the Aldo website. ASOS is also selling them, but at a higher price. Save yourself the money!


  1. The shoes are pretty--and it's always nice to find things for less!

    I'm guessing you are not flat-footed. =)

  2. Awesome post those shoes are soo cute !! <3 Just found your blog while blog hopping ! www.romanianbutterfly206.blogspot.com

  3. Nice, I couldn't see all of the detail when you posted on instagram, but wow these are really pretty.

  4. Hi Steph, hope you're May is off to a great start!

  5. Those are gorgeous! It's hard to say no to any shoe at Aldo IMO

  6. they look unique. the strap is a helpful addition, too


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