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I have been going back and forth on whether or not to buy the Monster Beats Solo headphones. I finally bit the bullet and got them today. Soooo glad I did! They are so comfortable and just flat out sexy.

Hope you all are well ^.^


  1. One of my gals from uni has them.. UGH I ENVY HER SO MUCH! And now.. well now I envy you too ; D lolz

  2. I looove the look of the headphones! Definitely sexy.

  3. Those are very cool! I need a new pair of headphones. I've been using earbuds around the house and they're driving me crazy.

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. yes it is so sexy!!!
    love it on you..
    so glad that I came across your blog =)
    i would love to follow you,
    lets keep in touch!
    see you then..

  5. Yay! I love when I finally spring for something and it does not disappoint :) Congrats on the new purchase :)

  6. I ended up getting a $20 pair instead. My son will have them ruined in 2 months and the Solo's wouldn't look as good on me anyway.

    "I know seven people just like you." LOL--you know what I really mean. =)

  7. PS - Just to make sure I was clear...I meant you're one in a billion. Your family and friends are very lucky.


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