Review: Benefit They're Real! Mascara

I have heard such wonderful things about Benefit's They're Real! mascara so when I got this sample version in my Sephora VIB birthday gift I was pretty excited to try it out. Now, as many fellow Asians know, we have some sparse, short lashes that don't really hold a curl unless it's waterproof mascara. So I usually steer away from non-waterproof formulas don't even bother with regular formulations. If a mascara interests me, I just wait for the waterproof version to come out. 

What do I think of this mascara? It does almost everything for me. The only thing it doesn't do is hold my curl. As you can tell from the picture, you will see the curl drop dramatically the moment I put on two coats. Putting aside the curl hold, this mascara lengthens and adds volume. You can see how much longer my lashes are after the mascara has been applied. The brush is exceptional. It separates and combs through all my lashes. The spiked end on the tip is great to reach the inner corner of my lashes without smudging the mascara all over my lid. Perhaps my only gripe about the brush is that it picks up a tad too much product but I just wipe it off with a tissue. 
Since this mascara doesn't hold my curl, I probably won't use this on a date night when I line my eyes, but I will use it when I'm out running errands. I can probably layer this over a waterproof mascara if I really wanted to, now that I think about it to add some more volume and length. If you don't have any curl concerns and what that Va-voom effect, try this out. I know that there is a mini version of this if you don't want to fully commit 23 dollars to a mascara.

-Adds volume
-Lashes don't feel hard
-Easy to remove

-Doesn't hold curl (for me)
-Too much product on brush

Repurchase: If Benefit makes a waterproof one then yes!


  1. $23? I'm actually not sure if that's a lot, but it sounds like a lot. However, for va-voom I think it's worth it. ;)

  2. Oh wow, this mascara really looks good on your lashes! Hopefully they make a waterproof one for you soon ;)

  3. thanks! I hope so too, it's the only reason why I haven't purchased it yet!

    And thank you for taking the time to check out my blog!

  4. lol, considering I barely shell out 10 bucks for mascara, this is a bit much!


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