Health Review: Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood

When I first started to change my eating habits back in January, I took note of how little vegetables I ate. That's when I remembered a review my nutritionist friend, Adeline, did a while back (her site is here and follow her on twitter!). She mentioned this product, Green Superfood in Chocolate Infusion and all the benefits she experienced while consuming it consistently: healthier hair, skin, regulated system and also the ability to get the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. Another bonus was the taste. She stated she mixed the powder with unsweetened almond milk and it tasted relatively close to regular chocolate milk. I was sold. I purchased the smaller tub of powder to try it out first to see if I would like it. Well I'm on my second tub and I've even gotten the Mister to take it as well!

So what does this product claim? According to the website it states:

• Helps achieve your 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits & vegetables
• Naturally detoxifies & boosts your immune system
• The added benefits & great taste of cacao
• Complete raw food with powerful phytonutrients
• Alkaline green plant foods balance acidic pH levels
• Whole Food nutrition, no fractionated vitamins
• More organic whole leaf greens per gram than other green superfoods - not from juice
• Probiotics & Enzymes to aid digestion & absorption
• Featuring Sambazon organic pure açaí powder
• No soy lecithin fillers
• Nitrogen packed for freshness

Does it live up to all the claims? Let's start with the taste. I'm not going to lie, the first time I tried it, it seemed a little chalky to me and it smelled like a combination of chocolate and crushed greens, but I mixed it with water. The next time I tried it, I used almond milk and it tasted much better. Now I add a scoop of my greens to my protein shakes for the nutritional benefits and to give it a chocolate boost (my shakes are mixed with water). So the taste is something that grew on me rather than me loving it right away.

What I really like about this is the amount of vitamins and minerals it provides. If you are a person who hates eating vegetables and fruits, or if you're just picky about food in general, you may want to try this out. Unlike juices or other forms of bars this contains no sugar and a very small amount of carbs. I do think that this has helped me with staying healthy during the winter. The Mister got a really sick in March and usually I get sick right as he gets better. This time around, I only had about two days where I felt fatigued with a slight sore throat. So I do think this does help boost the immune system a bit, especially when taken consistently. 

Here is the nutritional information from the website:

As for my hair and skin, I don't really notice a difference, but then again I began using this when I changed my diet. Perhaps the only thing I do notice is that my hair seems shinier than what it used to be, but I may just be imagining it, haha. The overall improvement and benefits of additional nutrition is the main reason of me repurchasing another tub.

Overall, I think this is a helpful product especially for people who do not get all the nutrients they need due to poor diet or living a on-the-go lifestyle. This is an easy way to incorporate the daily servings of fruits and veggies without taking a ton of time to prep and eat. Remember that this may not work for you or it may work better for you compared to others. Everyone is different and each body has different needs. This review is just my take on the Superfood and the results it gave me.

Have any of you tried this out? Or a product similar? Please let me know your thoughts! 


  1. I am off to buy this. Anything that can be mixed to make chocolate milk is worth a go :) I def don't think I eat enough veggies...but this is a good way to feel wholesome and sure.

    I have been meaning to ask...what do you think about those cleansing kits? Do you think they're necessary to use to "rid of toxins" in our body? :P

  2. Yuck chalky!! I am very foreign to the healthy foods topics but the other day my classmate bought me a smoothie and he told me he added a scoop of protein to it and I immediately took a sip and tasted the difference >__<! I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but I'm going to try out the whole health thing and working out....not sure how it'll go though, haha

  3. I hope you like it!

    As for cleansing, I feel that people who eat a ton of junk food could probably benefit from an initial cleansing. To me, I feel cleansing has become a "fast" easy way to shed some water weight, when it's done correctly it can be perfectly fine on occasion, but some people take drastic measures and it can be very harmful and detrimental to the body. You can become dehydrated and feel extremely fatigued. I personally avoid them, instead i just drink water.

  4. lol, mindful eating or as some people put it (clean eating) doesn't mean boiled chicken and steamed veggies all the time. That's what causes people to get bored. Since eating right, I always try to find inventive ways to cook my food to not get bored. Plus there are tons of recipes designed to satiate sweet cravings and all those other sorts of cravings we can get.

    The gym and working out is all about focus. Setting realistic goals and maintaining the drive and focus to get through a workout really helps out. There are days where I am exhausted or feel like crap but I feel so much better after a workout.

    Anyway, that was a novel! Beginning your journey is progress in the right direction. You can do it!

  5. I need a nutritional supplement. Since the end of March I've been living on cottage cheese, yogurt, rice, tofu, and really mushy green beans and carrots.


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