Workout Uniforms

As promised, I posted my workout outfits everyday this week. I've also broken down each outfit and linked them as well. Some of the items are older so I found similar pieces. This was super fun to do and hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed posting it! Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday: Old Navy Active Stretch Pullover, Kyodan yoga pants (found at TJ Maxx/Marshalls), AE Tank (similar) Nike Hyper Trainers (similar)
Wednesday: GapFit Half Zip Pullover (newer version), Under Armor Shattered Capris (similar), Forever 21 Ribbed Workout Tank, Nike  Boys Free Run 2 (The FR3's look pretty much the same)

Thursday: VS Bralette (similar), F21 Cardio Shorts (similar), VS Racerback Tank, F21 Super Panda Sweatshirt (sorry guys I couldn't find anything similar!)
Friday: VS Essential V-Neck Tee, Under Armor Capris (similar), Nike Trainers (similar)
Saturday: GapFit Half Zip Pullover (newer version), Old Navy GoDry Tank, Marika Tek Yoga Pants (similar), Red Converses


  1. DO IT PLEASEEEEEE. thankyou. =D

  2. It looks functional and comfortable.

    I currently have a grudge against Under Armor (for encouraging Maryland to leave the ACC), but I'll get over it--they have great stuff....so it will be okay when you wear UA. lol

  3. Love seeing workout gear. I've given up the gym life for hot yoga, so all I've got are sports bras and shorts! Must live vicariously through others...

  4. How do you like Hot Yoga? I've been meaning to get into Yoga in general to help lengthen the muscles!

  5. Oh no! I love UA! I didn't even know they did that!

  6. I'm doing it! Plus I'm trying to Instagram more!

  7. I really love it! People think that it's just for flexibility and stretching, but it's fantastic for toning. Plus I feel taller and my posture has never been better. Plus there's ALWAYS room for improvement.. I've been working on headstands for the past few weeks!


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