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Ohmigosh, a blog post! It's been officially too long since I've posted. So I just wanted to update you on what has currently been happening in my life, I still haven't unpacked all my makeup as of yet!

As you have read from my previous post, I did recently move and have been in my new apartment for over a month now. It's a beautiful two bedroom duplex apartment, but that's not the best part! I literally live right across the street from the beach! Now I'm sure you are all thinking that I probably live on the beach, but I really don't, my tan will say otherwise but I have only been to the beach a handful of times.To be honest, I get bored after laying on the sand for a while, I tried to cure this with my Nook but I'm always worried about getting a funky tan lines rather than relaxing. I think the best part of the beach is the ocean. I always have a cool breeze and the sound of the tides crashing is very soothing to me. So a few times a week I will open my porch door and just feel the breeze in my hair while listening to the ocean.
 View from my porch
I always come prepared when I go to the beach
I'm in love with this cover up from Roxy =). The shorts are from F21 two seasons ago.

Besides the beach affair I've been having, I have also caught up on some movies. I finally saw Brave, which I loved. I also got to see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, which to me in my completely honest opinion, was all right. I know, blasphemy! I thought the second one was the best out of the trilogy.
My outfit of the night when I went to go see Batman. I think entire outfit was 40 dollars. The shirt was on sale at Old Navy and the shorts I got super cheap at F21. 

Since it takes about an hour and a half to get to the city now, I don't go in as much as I used to, which was once or twice every week. I think that not going so frequently has renewed my love for it. I don't mind the tourists as much and I notice more things than I used to. For example, I didn't know there was a LEGO store at Rockefeller Center! Now while I didn't purchase anything there, I did take some pictures.
 How cute is this Atlas?

I also have not given up on my K-Pop music. Currently I have been loving Exo (both K and M) and have been listening to their album quite obsessively. My favorite is their ballad, "What is Love" because I'm a cheeseball and I think the lyrics are so sweet.

I'm sure many of you have heard the newest PSY song ft. Hyuna, "Gangnam Style" which is another super catchy song.

I hope you have all been well and have been enjoying your summer! The next big event is Beau's birthday in two weeks! I'm so excited about it. But I will be posting a few more posts before then!


  1. Congrats on the successful move! You're literally a hop and a skip away from the beach! That seems like an amazing place to live and relax. Can't wait for new blog posts!

  2. Always on for you! Life must be agreeing with you, you look terrific. It's cool how missing something (the City) makes it more special. :)

    Emo-Alfred got to me in the Dark Knight Rises.

  3. Man. I miss your posts. I know you're super busy and can definitely relate to going through changes!! My roomies might be moving out-- they are moving to SoCal and would like to be close to the beach. The one thing apparently that I never thought of you kinda have to watch out for is mold growth due to moist weather!

  4. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!


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