Review: Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour Lipsticks

The last of the Maybelline lippies in my review queue! Again another claim of ridiculous staying power. Now, do these lipsticks stay 14 hours on your lips? Not on me, but staying power can vary. The colors I will be reviewing are: Perpetual Peony, Beige Forgood, and Please Stay Plum. 

The packaging is quite cute and you will be able to tell if the lipstick will be shimmery if you look very closely. If you just grab a color without examining the package, you may select a shimmery lipstick when you didn't want one. The cap makes a clicking sound to notify you that it is sealed shut, making it ideal for you to throw in your purse for touch ups.

The staying power of these lipsticks is decent. Applied on bare lips and without any gloss, these lipsticks lasted close to eight hours on me without looking too peeled or chipped. The most noticeable chipping was on the corner of my lips. Some of the color did settle into my lip lines as it dried.

Texture of these lipsticks is similar to other long lasting lipsticks. It applies smoothly, but as it dries you can feel tightening on your lips. It's not really a bad thing, but it may want to make you grab your lip balm and slather it on.

Perhaps the worst thing about this lipstick is the smell! It smells sickly sweet and plasticky. It reminds me of a rejected gum flavor. Be very wary of the smell. At least the smell dissipates once it is applied. Here are the lip swatches below:

Perpetual Peony- Is a bright blue based pink. If you love baby pinks, this will appeal to you. However, be wary that these colors can make teeth look a bit dull at times.

Beige Forgood- Is a lovely nude that leans more on the brown side. There is no shimmer or glitter. Depending on your skin tone, this may just mute your lips or make you look ghostly. 

Please Stay Plum- This plum has the most staying power out of the three since it does stain lips after it has been applied.  I think this shade can be flattering to most skin tones.

-Many shades to select from
-Decent staying power, not as long as advertised
-Packaging allows easy transport
-Does not tug on lips when applied

-The smell!
-Doesn't stay on as long as advertised
-Hard to decipher from the tube if the color is shimmery or not

Would I Repurchase?
No, I wouldn't. The smell really killed it for me.


  1. Some red lipsticks are turning out to have high levels of lead in them. You can afford to lose plenty of brain cells, but there are more fun ways to do that. Please be careful as you try new offerings.

    PS - All the shades look great on you, too bad they're stinky! =)

  2. this is the first time I've seen these lipsticks from maybelline. too bad it smells awful. I too really get disappointed if a certain lipstick smells awful, I always end up tossing them out.

  3. Funny you find these lipsticks stink! I personally think they smell really nice. They kind of have a sweet, fruity smell mixed in with a chemical-ish smell. One of the better lipstick scents I've experienced. It's a lot better than the old, grandma lipstick smell for sure. ;)


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