Blogging in 2012

Happy New Year!

Today's post is going to be more about blogging resolutions I've been thinking about for the past month. I'm always thinking of ways to revamp and reinvent this blog to make it stand out and of course be helpful to my readers. So without further ado, here are my blogging resolutions.

1) Change the layout of this blog. As much as I enjoy the current layout, I feel there is something off and since I can't quite put my finger on it, I'd rather build up a new layout that I truly love.
2) Better quality photos! I'm going to do my best to take better photos, especially when it comes to reviews and swatches. I need consistent backdrops and better lighting. iPhone photos will be taken for outfits, social gatherings and outings.
3) More outfit of the days. I have been inspired so much lately by different fashion magazines and other bloggers that I've been trying to piece together "stylish" outfits. I've even been wearing more heels. My feet don't particularly like me on those days, but whatever, I look good.
4) Being more dimensional. I love doing reviews and makeup looks, but I want to delve deeper into different topics, maybe find inspiring quotes, health, things like that.
5) Get a bit personal, I'll try to take more pictures of my dates, and special events to share with you. Many readers I have are friends I've made over the past two years I've been on blogger and this is a great way to show you what goes on in my life.

Have any of you made blogging resolutions? I would love to know!


  1. It sounds like this is going to be fun! I know you have a lot to offer, so I'm especially looking forward to #4 and #5.

    I know a lot of bloggers are slow getting back to their blogs after the holidays, but I had a different reason for being MIA (the pain that turned out to be gout). The edge is off the pain now and I'm hoping to be 100% better by the end of the month--and back to blogging and commenting regularly.

  2. I would love to see more of your outfits of the day and more personal posts. Everything else is already awesome! You're awesome!


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