Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Polish Review

I know I know, she's alive! haha. I apologize again for being MIA for so long. We finally got our internet to work normally! After about four calls to Cablevision we had to go to their store to swap out our old ass modem for a newer one. So now that whole mess is dealt with, you will be seeing more posts from me!

I just wanted to do a quick review on the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish. There are an array of different colors and they are very cheap in price. I think at my local CVS they are $3.99 which is cheaper than the Sally Hansen polishes and the other drugstore brand ones too. When I got these it was a BoGo, buy one get one free, so I actually only paid $8.00 for four, which to me is a great steal.

So here are the colors I bought (from left to right):
Posh Pink
Steel Grey
Purple Rain
Violet Metal

This polish claims to last ten days, which I was skeptical about. No polish lasts that long on me, drugstore or name brand. After I filed and lightly buffed my nails (I find that buffing them helps the polish last longer) I painted my nails with Posh Pink. The brush is rounded and thinner compared to a regular nail polish brush. It's actually very similar to the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish. It makes it easier to cover your whole nail faster and more efficiently. I only applied two coats of the Posh Pink and got the vibrant color from the bottle. 

I added my Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat for the extra shininess lol. After my nails dried I went and did all my normal things and found that this polish does have staying power. Not ten days of course, but mine lasted about five or six days before I actually noticed a chip. That goes for all the colors I own and not just Posh Pink.

All in all I really do love these nail polishes. Cheap and long lasting with beautiful colors. If you don't want to spend the extra money on name brand polishes and love vibrant colors I suggest to try these. Even better, wait for a Bogo sale and get two for the price of one!


My Blog Sale!

Hey guys so I just started putting up items for my Blog Sale so go on over and take a look. I don't have everything up yet just cause I'm getting tired lol. If you have questions of any sort leave a comment or email me or even tweet me! and follow my sale blog so when new items come up u'll see it in the news feed! =)


AHH Ohmagawd!

Hey all you beautiful girls and guys!

So sorry that I've been M.I.A the past two weeks! The first week was cause I was in Vegas! (Yes it was awesome and yes I miss it!) The second week has been because my internet has been super wonky. Like it deserves a punch in the face! I called my cable company three times and my internet is as moody as a girl on her period. It's super fast, then it's slow, then fast, then it completely fails. =( So that's why I haven't been able to update, post pictures, or even really comment on every one's blog. I'm really sorry guys. The only reason why you see my updating my twitter and facebook so much is cause of my iPhone, which is pretty moody itself lol.

I have so many entries though, when this stupid internet does start working. Like a ton of reviews and of course pictures from Vegas, all that jazz. I even want to do a new layout so a lot is coming your way and hopefully soon!

Hope you all are safe and enjoying life! <3


A Piece of Me (April 2010)

Here is my monthly participation of Toothfairy's game!!

I like: warm weather and happy people! It just makes everything so pleasant <3

I don't like: rude tenants and people who think throwing a tantrum is the correct way to get their way.

I want you to know: that I will be MIA for about a week! I'll try and update while I'm away!

I've planned: to be awesome!

I want to say to someone special: We're gonna be outta this biznatch! Huzzah!!! <3


Attention! Dupe alert!

Hey all, I know I know, it's been a while. Truthfully I have been taking pictures and thinking of topics to write about for my blog, I've just been so into Final Fantasy XIII lately that it takes much of my free time! Yes, I am a pretty bad nerd, I absolutely love my RPGS and MMORPGs. 

Ok now onto the post! I went into my local salon/cosmetic store to just browse their small selection of NYX products. They have a pretty large selection of lip glosses so being a lippie fanatic I had to just go and look. When I was browsing a bright hot pink color caught my eye and grabbed it and thought to myself "wow this really looks like my MAC True Babe lipglass." True Babe is from the Riveting collection and is one of my favorite lipglasses because of the opaque hot pink color. I wear it alone with nothing else on my lips. Being that I love the color so much and that it was possible for me to get a much cheaper version of the exact shade, I brought it home to compare.

Here I present to go NYX's Goddess of the Night in Dolly Pink.  Dolly Pink looks a little more purple in the tube but when I swatched it, the colors seemed identical on my hand. Both are a bright pink with blue undertones. So it won't make your teeth look yellow! Yay! =D

The NYX gloss is just as opaque and just as loud and fun as True Babe. I wanted to let you guys know about this great find for a few different reasons. One, it's much cheaper than the MAC lipglass. I only paid $3.99 for this which is a fraction of $14.00 I paid for the lipglass. NYX also supplies much more product than MAC does. Dolly Pink is 0.53fl oz while True Babe is a meager 0.17fl oz. I'm sure you all can tell by the picture just how much more product your getting with the NYX too haha. This is also great because if you want to try a loud color but don't want to shell out the dough, you can experiment with the NYX instead.

I will say the texture and consistency of the NYX gloss I like a bit more. It's not as sticky and has just the same amount of staying power as the MAC. Some people may not like the scent of the NYX, it smells like a cherry tootsie pop or a bit like cherry medicine. I have no problem with it. MAC of course as you all know has the traditional vanilla scent, which I do love. On my lips, Dolly Pink is a tad more pigmented that True Babe, but I think if I put an extra coat on, the color would be identical. So girls, go out and try this bad boy!

Here are the lip swatches of both:

I used my old swatch from a previous post =)

Here is the Dolly Pink. 

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