A Piece of Me (April 2010)

Here is my monthly participation of Toothfairy's game!!

I like: warm weather and happy people! It just makes everything so pleasant <3

I don't like: rude tenants and people who think throwing a tantrum is the correct way to get their way.

I want you to know: that I will be MIA for about a week! I'll try and update while I'm away!

I've planned: to be awesome!

I want to say to someone special: We're gonna be outta this biznatch! Huzzah!!! <3


  1. Totally agree with the part about tantrums >=| people have been doing that to me a LOT lately

  2. So far so good on your plans!!! ;P

  3. haha dina took the words out of my mouth! you don't have to plan to be awesome, you ARE awesome! xx

  4. Fun game :)
    I agree completely with you! Except I love cold weather :p Weird, considering i'm a june baby!
    You are awesome, don't forget it~~

  5. She's missing from the twitter and blog world =[


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