Review: NARS Wonder Lipgloss

"I have a fever, and the only prescription is more ORANGE lip products!"


Ok, I get it, not as epic as Christopher Walken and his cowbell, but darn it, I'm so into this orange lip phase for the summer.

The lipgloss I will be talking about today is the NARS Wonder lipgloss. Retailing at $24.00 USD for 0.28 oz, this mandarin orange gloss is truly beautiful. According the Sephora website, it's described as a sheer gloss laced with pink and gold shimmer.

Don't let the color of the gloss in the tube scare you, when you apply this gloss, it produces a watery, lush sheer orange, appealing to those who want to try the orange lip trend but are afraid of those opaque orange shades. The gloss is also buildable and can produce a more opaque color if you wish on those days you want to go bolder. There is no scent or taste to the product and on my lips, if I don't eat anything, it can last up to 3 hours.

If you can't find this color in your local Sephora or NARS counter, don't worry, this is not a limited edition color, it is just a part of the NARS Summer 2011 collection.

Fotd with the gloss and Surf, Baby! Shadows!
Taken with my iPhone


NOTD: Gradient Pinks and Purples

I finally got my hands on some of the Pirate O.P.I. nail polishes and decided to do a fun gradient nail. To get the effect, I used a latex makeup sponge. It was a little time-consuming but I was pretty impressed with the results!

Products Used:
-OPI Rosy Future
-OPI Sparrow Me The Drama (Pirates Collection)
-OPI Planks a Lot (Pirates Collection)
-Milani Nail Laquer in 3D
-Seche Vite Topcoat


MAC Surf, Baby! Haul

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am such a sucker for packaging.

So when MAC came out with Surf, Baby! my eyes lit up. The packaging is quite summery and very...beachy for lack of a better word. Unlike the To The Beach collection from last year, this collection has more of a chilled-out and laid back feel. The MAC logo is encased in what looks similar to a surfboard design, the mellow yellow color and hibiscus flower add to the whole California, surfer beach bum vibe.

If you are interested in bronzers and metallics, I would say for you to definitely check this collection out. This is the first MAC collection that I've seen the focus being on so many different kinds of bronzers. However, considering this is their summer collection I shouldn't be surprised.

The other big hit would have to be the My Paradise Cheek Powder. It's currently sold out on the MAC website so if you really want it, check your local counters or other department store websites that carry the MAC brand.

Ok, enough! On to the pictures and more commentary.

Saffron is a repromote shadow while Sun Blonde is a new shade. Saffron is a caramel orange that leans warm. Sun Blonde is not like anything I own. It's literally a dirty blonde color with a gold sheen to it. The two together make a wonderful eye combination.

This is similar to the NARS multiplier and is great for contouring. This is very pigmented and you need to use a light hand with it. Dab the stick onto the desired area and blend. It's also best to do one side at a time since this does seem to set fairly quickly.

Do you see the gold nuggets of awesomeness? This is the only pigment that clumps like that, however it's probably my favorite out of the 4. The darkest pigment is a beautiful blue that will be a great liner when used wet. The second color on the bottom is the sheerest and has a bit of a seafoam green color to it. The last pigment is a metallic silver that is quite lovely as well.

I've heard that the Studio Careblend Powders are not powdery and go on the skin smooth so I was excited to try this out. Gold-Go-Lightly is smooth and adds a nice warm glow to my face. I can see myself reaching for this often.

Love, love this color. Adding the gold overspray with the blush gives you a nice peachy sheen. Or if you are like me, you can completely avoid the flower and just use the peach blush on its own. Don't be scared of this color, I was at first because it came off orange in some pictures I looked at. It's definitely not orange.

Beautiful coral shade that will add to the whole orange-being-the-hit-color-of-the-summer vibe. I'm surprised this is the only lip product I got from the line! This is another fast seller, it's sold out on the MAC site currently.

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul. What did you get from the collection? Did you love it, hate it? Don't care? Let me know!!

This is totally off topic, but I just got a surprise post dedicated to me from my blogger friend, Rhain! Check her blog out!! Rhain's Blog Thank you again Rhain for the sweet post!! <3


To All The "Mom's"

Me and Grandma ^_^

I put "Mom" in quotes because there are many people who can play the mother role. I've had three people play that role for me while I was growing up. My Grandma, (who I know is sending me her love from heaven) my Mum and my Aunt. All three played a crucial role in helping me become the person I've become today.  I would not be the woman I am without their unconditional love and support. So thank you and I love you. You are all more wonderful that you'll ever know.

Me and Mom
Me and Auntie
So ladies and gents, make sure to let your "mom" know how special they are everyday, not just tomorrow! They are more important than most of us will ever know or realize.

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