Beauty Steal! Anastasia Beverly Hills Lustrous Lip Gloss Set

With the holidays right around the corner, you better believe all those holiday sets, palettes and value sets are showing up left and right. To be honest, the holidays are a great time for you to purchase beauty products (for yourself or whomever, no one is judging). Why? Because usually companies do price certain sets and bundles for a great value, especially when you take the time to price everything out individually. One great example of this is the set I'm going talk about in my post today. 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lustrous Lip Gloss Set will run you $40.00 for eight lip glosses. Not two or even five...EIGHT glosses! OK, let me put it to you this way, one Lustrous lip gloss from ABH will cost you $16.00. Purchasing these eight glosses individually will run you $128.00 and this set is only $40.00, which means it's only $5.00 a gloss! So if you like at least three of the colors found in this lovely package, you already will have your money's worth. Even if you only liked two of the shades and were meh about the rest, these would be great stocking stuffers for family and friends. Just tie a cute ribbon on it and call it a day. The value of this set is ridiculous when you realize the price difference.
When it comes to the quality of the glosses, these are excellent. The set varies from sheer to jelly to opaque pigmentation so you have plenty to suit whatever mood you are in. They smell like divine vanilla frosting, while I may love it you may not. The packaging is simply but still lovely with the traditional ABH logo and a shiny black cap. As for the longevity, I have to say it's pretty on point. I can wear this the beginning of my work shift and three plus hours later when I head to lunch, the gloss is still noticeable and looks good.
When you purchase the set you will get the following shades:
Gilded: A metallic champagne gold
Dainty: Opaque retro pink
Sunset Strip: A fiery gold-flecked pink
Metallic Rose: Shimmery classic mauve
Weekend Barbie: Vivid bright pink
Date Night: Romantic ruby red
Socialite: Sophisticated scarlet red
Black Cherry: Moody purple plum
So which is my favorite? Currently I have been loving Metallic Rose but they are all quite beautiful and with this price, well worth the money. Perfect for a lip gloss lover and also a great way to introduce yourself or someone else you care about to the ABH Lustrous lip gloss line!

You can find this set online at Anastasia Beverly Hills and Macy's. You can also purchase this set in person at Macy's as well.


  1. I think my wife would like the pinks. I can't decide about the plum...I like it and I don't. Weird!

    1. I laughed at your post because my fiance does not like the darkest shade. He said I looked like a villainess with it on. However, you can sheer them out because they are glosses, I hope that helps!

    2. lol! Every once in a while for a change of pace I enjoy when stories are told (in a funny way) from the villainess' perspective. They're not really always bad. Or at least not all bad. :D

  2. I've been wanting to hear about this review! Do you like Stila 24 hours lipsticks? They have a great deal at Sephora too. I've been wanting ABH's Heathers lately. Great post.

    Je M'applle Chanel

    1. Hey Chanel!

      Thanks for dropping by! I have yet to try the Stila 24 Hour lipsticks, though I have heard they are akin to the ABH and also the KVD liquid lipsticks. I will have to look into the set at Sephora!

  3. Thank you for this blog post it actually couldn't have come at a better time for me !!


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